Bringing the Magical Joy of Chocolate:


We are proud to announce that Chocolate Boutique and Chocolate Gallery are now collectively known as Harriston!

Since our establishment in 2005, our business has grown by leaps and bounds for the past 12 years, making us one of the largest homegrown chocolate makers and retail chains in Malaysia having served more than 4 million customers from over 80 countries around the world.

“Change is the only constant in life,” Heraclitus of Ephesus (c. 500 BCE) once said. And we feel it is now time for a change. To take our business to greater heights, we have integrated Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery into the Harriston Group, and rebranded our outlets as Harriston Signature and Harriston stores to reflect who we are today and our dynamic future.

This is not a decision we made lightly. We are proud of our rich history and our relentless dedication which has brought forth an array of exquisite world quality chocolates and services. The new tagline ‘A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience’ captures the core spirit of our brand and charts a new course for our business as:

  1. An international brand that promotes experiential education through creative chocolate products;
  2. A torchbearer that hands down the richness of Malaysian natural and cultural heritage to the next generation;
  3. A pathfinder that brings the inspiring joy and magical love of chocolate to the world.

We believe this new chapter will benefit stakeholders, customers and business partners in many ways. Among others, the two major benefits are:

Quality & Variety Enhancement:

In line with the rebranding exercise, we have improved the quality of our existing signature products, i.e. Durian Signature, Tongkat Ali Signature, Coconut Signature, Signature Fine Chocolate Powder, Handcrafted Chocolates, some of which now come with new inspiring packaging designs that reflect our unique Malaysia heritage.

Some existing products, such as one of our bestselling Tiramisu Chocolate as well as some 20 assorted chocolate products, also get a new revamped packaging too. In addition, we have also expanded our product line with new products, i.e. Yogurt White Chocolates and Harris Orang Utan Milk Chocolate.

Ambience & Service Enhancement

Our newly renovated outlets will provide a new level of experiential shopping experience to our valued customers. Shoppers can sample an extensive range of Harriston chocolates and discover the richness of Malaysian cultural and natural heritage as well as the world’s chocolate history through Harriston’s in-store displays, local paintings and murals, storybooks, live demonstration and explanation of chocolate making and its origin.

Customers also get to savour a cup of chocolate beverage at the new Harriston Signature Cafe. Our Chocolate DIY Workshop has also been expanded to include more programmes. With multilingual floor staff and improved friendly service, shoppers will have an unforgettable and inspiring shopping experience at Harriston.