Specially created for adults and children above 3 years old, Harriston DIY Workshops are a fun introduction to the art of chocolate making packed with discovery, hands-on experience, and of course, tasting and bringing home your very own handmade chocolates.

Fees:            RM35 per pax, inclusive of materials, Harriston DIY chocolate kit, apron and certificate
Duration:     1 Hour (4 processes)
Location:     Harriston Signature Workshop

1. Chocolate Moulding

A fun experience for you to get hands-on in the process of tempering chocolate at the right temperature, coating chocolate moulds, moulding and unmoulding chocolates.

2. Lollipops

You learn how to pour melted chocolate into the tray or use piping bag to achieve the desired shapes. The process includes inserting sticks into chocolate mixture and removing chocolate after it has hardened.

3. Chocolate Painting

You learn about the process of coating biscuits by dipping into melted chocolate and decorating it with chocolate paint (melted chocolate mixture with coloured cocoa butter) and sprinkles.

4. Moulding Harris, the Orang Utan

You learn to make fun and tasty chocolate in the shape of Harris, an adorable Orang Utan, which you can bring home as a treat for yourself or a personalized gift for your friends!